I seem to like torture

Born of Night  - Sherrilyn Kenyon

After having read the monstrosity that is this book I need a drink.






This book is utter garbage, I have never expressed myself about a book like that in my life but with this one, yes, its garbage. I don't know how many times we were told that hero Nykyrian has a torture soul, that he is terribly hot, that he is horribly tortured by his childhood. The amount of self hatred this dude has is staggering and it translate to so much angst and hand wringing until I couldn't stand it no more. 


Look, we get it he had a horrible childhood but plenty of literary characters had them and they never sounded like this crazy asshole. He is not interesting AT ALL he is just this hateful person with zero personality. Kenyon really didn't know how portray anyof her characters or how to properly write this story. The plot in this book was so drunk that it stumble all over the place vomiting about how all the characters where so abused and boo-hoo these poor people look how "life has made a victim of them."

Kiara is this horrible, self absorbed, little girl and I wanted to make excuses for her, I really did. I mean, she was kidnapped as a child, watched her mother be tortured and then kill but... I just can't stand her. She has the emotional maturity of a toddler and the understanding of one too. Everything is a problem with this chick, she is being pursued by killers but noooo, don't put blaster shield on my windows, don't re-arrange my schedule, don't kill the men that want to rape and kill me, talk to them make them see the light. I shit you not she says this, she complains that Nykyrian killed the men that where coming to kill her without reasoning with them. 

I was also really shocked by how the author treated Kiara, I hated this girl but the author directed so much venom and comtempt at her from all the characters even Nykyrian, who "loves" her told her that if she didn't leave him alone he would "fucking kill her." I'm serious, his friend comes afterwards and excuses him because he was wounded, Nykyrian didn't mean to implied that Kiara is a whore or that he would kill her, no he was just wounded. He was facing off some killers and trying to save a child so she has to forgive him for verbally abusing her.



And guess what?

After Syn explains how much of a paragon of virtue Nykyrian is, Kiara goes out into her living room and for the first time she sees this dude's eyes tha the has been hiding. And they aren't anything weird or strange, no they are this gorgeous green eyes and she sees into his soul for the first time.

Those eyes gave her the first true glimpse of his soul.

Yes, after he verbally abused her it is now time for some romance.

I need lots of prayer after this.




I quit this book after Kiara is taken to Nykyrian's home and she digs around and finds a box full of tapes that document his life and all the abuses he has suffer. I mean, I dunno know about you but I wouldn't keep a record of my abuses on tape. What the fuck would I do with them? Watch them when I am not feeling angsty enough and need a dosage of depression? This was such a stupid, lame book and it made me so angry.