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Teach boys about consent is the way to prevent rape

Rape is about men who refused to recognize consent is a requirement for sex. 


These are good illustration of what consent is, for men to get the message why consent is necessary when they want to have sex with someone. Without consent, it is rape. 




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I actually liked it o_o

Court of Nightfall - Karpov Kinrade

Who would of thought that I would actually like this book?!

I bought it expecting a mess but instead I got something really promising. It has a few rough edges but it is a very good story and may I add that it sharply reminded me of Angellfall by Susan Ee.


Yes, I know, it sounds insane that I would make such a claim but Scarlet really reminds me of Penryn sometimes. It's also nice to read about a girl who is in love but not so blinded by it that she can't see the faults in the boy she loves. I do think a love triangle will rear its head but if its handle right I am actually all for it.

This book was good, it was engrossing, it was suspenseful and it has a working plot. Go read it.

Typo truth

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Disabled and Stranded.

Stop scrolling. Don't just like this post and roll on by. I need your attention, please. This is not a promotional message about one of books, and this isn't a review of any kind. Someone needs your help. His name is Steven Beltzer, his son Nick is disabled. The family car, the only vehicle they have, was recently totaled in a hit and run accident. There's more info on the Facebook page I'm going to link you to. I would like to ask all of you that follow me to share this post. Even if you cannot donate to the fund, share this post. Someone is bound to have some money to share or a vehicle to donate or something, anything, to help these folks out. Steven's good people. He's only ever been friendly to me. 


Let's make a difference.


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Isn't that the truth.

Ain't that the truth...




Edit by Eva Rose Mach 22, 2015;


This is the story of my life lately and it is quite frustrating.


Anyone got any recs for some exciting romance with PNR overtones or a good historical a la Lisa Kleypas?

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Amongst all the crazy drama from Anne Rice here is a wonderful reminder that some of my idols are truly amazing, like Nigella Lawson my absolute girl crush. I want to cook like her when I grow up.

Stop the literary vampires from sucking the lifeblood out of readers

This is such a great article by author Jason Sanford. He is concerned how 'Stop The GR Bullies' and Anne Rice are hurting the relationships between authors and readers. 


Full Article: Stop the literary vampires from sucking the lifeblood out of readers


Also, a great related blog on Goodreads: When good authors go to the dark side




ETA: Thanks 'Anon' for posting the link on the STGRB web site. Appreciate the help. :-)



Sorry JBG, it's not all about fear. That is your game, and what you try to spread to your cult following.  Your site feeds on hate, fear, and attacking others. Simply put, a good person wouldn't want to associate with that. 


(Edited to fix link to Jason's article. He re-launched his new website and the link path changed)

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Jenny Trout releases novella that Anne Rice & STGRB got cancelled

If you have been following the latest drama of Anne Rice, STGRB and their menacing pet troll Kevin Weinberg, you know that Jenny Trout was recently targeted by Kevin for a) expressing her opinion of a book's content,  and b) expressing her wish that it be pulled from circulation.


The story posted on STGRB (where opposing comments are most often not allowed) used selective screen shots provided by Kevin, and which painted Jenny Trout as an 'author attacker'. (Irony, right?) The article was immediately then heralded on Anne Rice's Facebook page for her 1 million+ followers to peruse and persecute, and where many opposing comments were also not welcomed and therefor deleted. (more deleted & deleted)


If you followed along like I did, you too felt a game was at play. A sick game where players behind the curtain were manipulating facts for the purpose of targeting a person Anne Rice has had issues with in the past. Yes, it felt VERY personal and completely dubious. And given Kevin Weinberg's proven history of manipulating tween-age kids into creating fake accounts to troll along side with him, including his recent attack of people on an Amazon thread who were simply opposed to Anne Rice's support of STGRB, one will see he very likely has ulterior motives.


Proof Kevin Weinberg is manipulating troll influencing young tweens


Sadly, as a result of this calculated attack, several people complained to Jenny's publisher. The publisher heard one side of the story and felt they needed to pull Jenny's story from an upcoming anthology of 12 authors. In support of solidarity, the other 11 others also pulled their stories.  So not only was Jenny hurt in the mix, but so were 11 other authors.


Today Jenny released her novella as a stand alone, so if you would like to support her you can find the new book on Amazon or Smashwords.


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Who is Excessica? And why are they caving in to bullies?

The digest version, I think:


Jenny Trout speaks her mind about a racist/rapist book.  Jenny Trout encourages readers to let booksellers know how vile the book is and encourage them not to sell it.


Anne Rice puts pressure on Excessica, who is apparently (I didn't do any real research; it's late and I'm tired) a publisher, not to publish Jenny Trout's book in a boxed set, Bad Boy Next Door.


Excessica caves to Anne Rice's bullying and pulls Jenny Trout's book from the boxed set.


Jenny Trout's fellow authors stand up to Anne Rice's bullying and pull their own books from the boxed set.


I don't know who or what Excessica is, but I don't like them and I won't support them.


They're spineless worms.

Darcy ;)

The thoughts of Mr. Darcy... by =countesslainy on deviantART

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Abandoned at 25% for lack of interest

The Duke of Shadows - Meredith Duran

It started out okay but it quickly turned strange and the narrative lacked direction. It was a good concept with terrible writing.

Better than expected but still not enough

The Professional - Kresley Cole

The sex was surprisingly enjoyable and consensual but the rest of the book was terrible. The plot was just a sad attempt at padding in between the sex and I suspect you where supposed to check your brain at the door but I, personally, found it impossible.

Lewis Carroll – Paedophile or Artist?

Royal Mail's special edition Alice in Wonderland stampsOne of Grahame Baker Smith’s creations for Royal Mail’s Alice stamps
commemorating the 150th anniversary

I recently watched the BBC documentary, The Secret World of Lewis Carroll, made as part of the 150th anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.


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It was good but something was missing

Firefight - Brandon Sanderson

Yes, this is me the downer again.


I liked this book and the parts I enjoyed the most involved Megan and David together talking, working as a team, learning about each other. Those where the moments where the story really picked up big time and I felt the author was really engaged in those moments but I felt that rest of the plot really stall and we sort of got this in between book which kind of sucks.


I still like this series, I still think is really good and kind of original but we are kind of losing momentum. I will keep reading because Megan is freaking awesome and David is really funny but I am not as invested in the storyline as I once was.

177 of 416

Firefight - Brandon Sanderson

Megan is back and she is as badass as ever.  I love her as much as David does.

140 of 416

Firefight - Brandon Sanderson

I like David, he is smart and the story hasn't lacked excitement but I miss Megan.

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