Get Real & Stop Dieting! - Brett Blumenthal

I think this book is a very good guide for beginners but if you have been trying to make changes in your diet for a couple of years now, like me, this book provides very little in terms of new information.

I already know to avoid all kinds of processed foods and drinks as they contained sugar and there is nothing more harmful than sugar. I already know to eat as many veggies as possible and drink as much water as I can. You are supposed to eat brown rice but I heard it taste bad, so just eat white rice in moderation. 

I've also heard that if you don't feel well in the morning after your coffee is most likely the milk, you supposedly loose the ability to process milk at a very early age and your adult body may have a small reaction to the dairy and if it doesn't you are just drinking fat. I cut out on it and I feel tons better in the morning after my coffee.

So, just eat fresh fruits and veggies, drink lots of water and avoid all those processed foods, peeps.