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The Golden Dynasty - Kristen Ashley


But still, he scared the shit out of me. I forgot how dark he was, how sinister, how savage and how huge.

Yep, let's continue to hammer the point home that this is about the savages and their golden white saviour."



She is being told that the savage who raped her has showered her in jewels and slaves. And that staying in her tent all the time is not good, she has to show her golden face to the people so her "husband" won't get upset and set her aside.




    “It is the Korwahk people’s belief that the mightiest Dax in their history will find the golden queen, a warrior bride, fair of hair, kind of heart, fierce of spirit..."




Wait, he raped her but he is in love with her so that makes it all okay.

Freaking awesome book!




Her friend got caught and raped by some beast, but the guy is handsome. The heroine hopes everything will turn out roses for the new loverbirds.




He raped her, then took her away to his city and got her dressed in gold chains and silk. She is now being paraded as a grand prize around the city. She was brutally raped but it's okay, she is now Queen and has jewels and gold.




"This was the third time I’d been caught, tackled to the hard ground by a warrior who threw himself off a horse to do it. He then took the end of the chain around his waist and hooked it to my necklace and then he started wrestling me..."

HIGH romance y'all!