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Magic Bleeds -  Ilona Andrews

pg 323


"You want to rut with a half-breed," she snarled."Watch. I'll show you exactly what he is."


Curran spun toward the undead.


A torrent of magic burts from Darkness, tearing at Curran. The blood ward cut us off and I felt nothing- Curran got the full dose.He stumbled, shook once, as if flinging water from himself. His body shifted, growing leaner, slicker.Fur sprouted along his back.


This was it, the Darkness's power. It would make Curran go wild.



pg 315


"We should clap or something." Curran said. "She's trying so hard."


"Maybe we should scrounge up some panties to throw."




I had to give it to my aunt, she knew how to put on a show. Would've been more dramatic if she had seven undead to bring instead of three, but hey, at least she had some flunkies to bring.