Alert, Badly Behaving Authors on a rampage!

Neverwas - Kelly  Moore, Tucker Reed, Larkin Reed

This three authors have been harassing reviewers, they went into Litchick's (Cory) review and harassed her for not finishing the book. Accused reviewers of intentionally triggering her PTSD. They later attacked Shelby and then Kelly Moore followed Shelby into BL and started posting in Shelby's space about how all this is "harming" her and that reviewers are "punishing" her and her daughters when they post 1 star reviews.


I just received an email from GR saying this:


Hi Eva,
We are contacting you in regard to the following review:
As the reviews is predominantly about the author's behavior and not about the book, it violates our review guidelines. We will give you 2 calendar days to decide what to do, whether that means backing up the information through our export feature for your personal records or editing the content to comply with our guidelines. If the review continues to break our rules, it will be deleted per our policy after 2 days.
If you do not wish to edit the content, we might suggest moving it into the private notes field for your own personal use.
Best regards,
The Goodreads Team
I have already taken down the text but this was my review.

EDIT: 20/12/2013

More reasons never to read any of this author's future books.


For reasons, that can be explain in the link, I have decided not to read this book.

Quite obviously these authors are going hyperbole flagging down 1 star reviews in anger and in effort to get these reviewers to shut up and get rid of their reviews. I will not stand by it, GR might had taken down my review but my voice will not be silence.