DNF'ing this book is like curing a bad headache!

Something About You (FBI, #1) - Julie James

I don't know, maybe I am too picky but this book annoyed me to hell and back. I could see plot holes big enough to drive a truck through. Most of the book hinges on the reader knowing absolutely nothing about police procedures and I can tell easily that the author wrote this book without properly researching what she wrote. The court scenes and FBI procedural read like she saw them on TV and then translated them on writing to this book.

The author info dumps on everything and at 30% of the book I wanted to tear my eyes out. Show don't tell is a golden rule in writing, if you tell, tell, tell you bore your readers out of their minds you gotta show us! Also, the reasons why the main romantic couple are at odds is spoiled in the beginning of the book in an info dump manner that cuts off the tension of the reader wanting to know what happened. The author also spoils on who the killer is and that was just terrible. She completely robbed her readers of any suspense or tension.


This book was painful to read.