[Day 6 of Book Challenge] A book that makes you sad

Nothing, nothing in this life makes me saddest than a book I couldn't finished. A book I put down because it was infuriatingly bad or just plain couldn't hold my attention.


Beware, I might just post your favourites so if you are easily offended look away.


Sanctum by Sarah Fine, every single one of my friends, or people I followed, like this one but for many reasons, that you will find if you click on the link, I just couldn't enjoy it.


Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger, the characters made me angry, the execution was painful and it all was aggravated by the fact that it could have been awesome had it had a proper editor.


Poison Princess by Kresley Cole, I had some serious issues with this book, sentiments that where echoed by other reviewers.


Want to see more of my rejects? 


Follow the link but remember to steel yourself.