Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry This book is tiring to read, it was sort of fine at the beginning and then some scenes where entertaining but there SO much CHEESE. Like oodles and oodles of cheese and I just CAN'T handle that kind of cheese.Uploaded with ImageShack.usI was really annoyed with the HS scenario, maybe its just me but I never experience this kind of drama at this level of intensity. Seriously, what the hell is up with people and high school? Its just four dumb years and then its over and it doesn't matter what you where in HS all it matters are your grades and what you do AFTER it. Uploaded with ImageShack.usSo many of the characters just annoyed the hell out of me and more than one time I wanted to slap Echo, or her father or her stepmother or just everyone. I just can't do this book, its a chore to read and while other people might find it good I just found it annoying. I regret ever buying it. .....Wow, I never had this feeling with this level of intensity with any other book before. Okay, I am moving on to read something I will enjoy.