The Iron King - Julie Kagawa Authoress Ms. Julie Kagawa I have become a fan.This book was really good, it is clearly her first effort into writing and one can see beginners mistakes but Kagawa has potential, as in huge amounts of potential. Her characters are interesting, her descriptions vivid and engaging. I had a hard time putting this book down and doing anything really. The first chapter is a bit hard to get into but as the story progresses the magic and strangeness of it all truly catches you and its hard to let go. The romance between Ash and Meghan was a bit rushed and I feel this book would have truly benefited from having 70 to 100 pages more but... I am a fan, there is tons of raw potential in her writing and I can only expect her to get better. Plus, she wrote this one book quite a few years ago and her latest new series is supposed to be ten times better than this one was. Go read one of her books.