Graceling - Kristin Cashore The beginning of this book is a bit painful, one must trudge along a little to and the first chapter is really just info dump in order to get you understanding the setting. I really got confuse with the names a bit. The concept and characters are really good but the plot itself is bit thin and the story built up to a climax that was never truly reach.I truly loved Po and Katsa's romance and I honestly did not see the difference between them marrying or not because I feel Po wouldn't have behaved any differently towards Katsa. I personally think that Katsa made made a mountain out of a molehill when it came to marrying Po, I never truly saw her point. She behaved like mother to Bitterblue and Po and her behaved like they where marry and the only thing missing was the papers to make it legal. I also felt that the book fell apart at the end, it was a bit of a huge disappointment.