Through the Ever Night

Through the Ever Night - I am conflicted, it started out really good but somewhere down the middle we lost momentum and I was left feeling emotionally disconnected from a key moment in the story. I found myself just not caring about the outcome of this event or the characters that it affected. The ending redeem the book for me but this moment in the story in which Liv dies... I did not care much, she had been talked about to death but she had never truly figure much in the story so her death hardly meant anything for me emotionally, not even roar grieving her made me upset and this is bad. I feel this moment was poorly executed, it maybe should have been reserved for book 3 and Perry should have been in the scene just to make it more emotional, as is I just don't care much for it really. Uploaded with ImageShack.usPerry and Aria however where really great together all the way to the end, I hate it on Kirra and she grated on my nerves but she wasn't a significant problem nor obstacle in any way. I must say though, I really was expecting a bit more of this book but it was good overall.