The Silver Kiss

The Silver Kiss - Annette Curtis Klause This book is dear to me because it was one of the first vampire love story I read back in HS. This book obviously has its problems but one thing it does not lack is realism.Zoe and Simon are brought together by their mutual pain, their relationship at times its sick but Zoe never, ever losses sight of the truth and that is that Simon is a monster in disguise, that while she is strangely attracted to him she must also remember who he really is. Simon is a very torture soul, his mother was savagely murdered 300 years ago and he looks for her killer knowing full well is a fellow vampire. Her death and impact on Simon when he was a little boy tortures him for centuries. Zoe's mother is dying from cancer and she finds herself with no courage to face life without her. Meeting Simon and trying to help him find the murdered of his mother and solved the mystery of her death give her an escape from her situation but it also helps her grow.The ending is fitting, Zoe finding strength to move on past her mother's death and Simon being liberated from his demons, able to leave behind the suffering of his past.