Under the Never Sky

Under the Never Sky - First off, let me just say that you are NEVER going to find out what the hell the Aether is so just give up when you picked up this book and focus on the journey of the character. Good, now that you have done that, I have praise for this book.At first I was like this...Uploaded with ImageShack.usbut then halfway through we started to get really interesting and the beginning started to make more and more sense, the characters where truly growing and showing depth. Aria stopped being the sheltered, spoiled little girl that she was in the beginning and slowly started to become a woman.I liked Perry from the very beginning, he is a really likeable character and his POV really balanced out Aria's when she was spoiled and at times unlikeable. It helps that he is handsome and that he has his girdles well fastened. I wasn't totally sold on the relationship but as we approached the ending it really, truly blossomed into a beautiful and pure connection. Aria is surprisingly mature about her love for Perry and understand that many things separate them, that their time together is precious. Their last scene together made me sniff.Uploaded with ImageShack.usTheir relationship was so pure and true that I just couldn't help but love them and want them to be together until the end. Needless to say, I wait with bated breath for the next book.