Mind Games (Disillusionists Series #1)

Mind Games - Carolyn Crane Predictable and the pacing is really off, and there isn't much action really. Most of it is really just talk and psychological mumbo jumbo without any physical action and... its just not my cup of tea.Justine, the MC and narrator is okay-sh but nothing to write home about and the love interest is kind of lame, not really the kind of man I swoon over. The rest of the character just sort of blend together for me. Also, the BF's name is Cubby and... well, Cubby sounds like cub and cubs are the young of predatory mammals such as bears and large cats sooo, every time he would come on scene I would think he was just a large bear talking to her, eating with her.... kissing her.... XDDDDD I KNOW! And it just sort of ruined parts of the story. I also found Packard's name funny, there is a computer and software company named Hewllet Packard so every time he came on I would think that he had a computer for head. XDDDDDDEverything was so boring and blah that reading through until the end was a chore. Everytime I thought of opening up this book on my Kindle I would do anything, ANYTHING else so I wouldn't have to.