Hopeless (Hopeless, #1)

Hopeless (Hopeless, #1) - Colleen Hoover Okay, sooo... review time. I am finding it hard to review this book without spoiling, I hate to spoil most of the time. This book was intense, while Colleen's previous works have been filled with drama none really have reached the level of intensity this one had. I was honestly never expecting the entire book to played out the way it did and when I would think I see a plot twist coming it would still shock me, I audibly gasp and covered my mouth in horror at least THREE times. And THAT folks is a FEAT of veritable proportions because when it comes to contemporary romance very little can get a rise out of me.*I did exactly this, like THREE times, no kidding* Uploaded with ImageShack.usHere was I, expecting some cheesy drama about some boy and some emotionally stunted girl but NOOO Colleen had to basically rip out my heart and make me eat it. Here are these two lovely kids and all this shit is happening to them and you just CAN'T wrapped your brain around it, you stared in shock and wondered HOW they are ever going to move on? HOW they are ever going to be able to make it right? Why would Colleen DO this to me?Uploaded with ImageShack.us.........................................I need a drink, excuse me please.Uploaded with ImageShack.usBut the ending, you just FELT everything would be alright, I mean there was closure of some sort for everything and reaffirmation of Sky and Holder's relationship. And I just... WOW! I like it.