Fixed on You (Fixed #1)

Fixed on You - Laurelin Paige

This book actually starts out quite good but then it just dissolves into contradictory drivel.


So there is a Alayna, the main character, she sounds kind of fun in a ditzy sort of way. She has this thing in which every guy turns her oven on. She had a couple of "mishaps" in the past where she has kind of obsess over some guys she has dated but no biggie. She is supposed to be super smart however it all sort of flies out the window when she meets a hot guy with a pair of perfect abs.


Meet Hudson Pierce, this guy is a control freak on steroids, he thinks of himself as God's gift to women and when he meets Alayna he wants her because she is really hot. We know very little about this guy except that his is uber rich and he throws money at problems and hope they will go away.


Okay so this two characters meet, keep in mind they are fucking crazy, and Alayna sees Hudson and her girly parts go liquity but she doesn't want to be attracted to him because remember she obsesses over men and shit. They don't talk much but later when they meet again and she finds out he is the new owner of the nightclub she bar tends at he slut shames her for her clothes.


“You must know that women have a difficult time in the business world. You need to work to be taken seriously, Alayna. Dress sexy, not like a floozy.”



This Hudson guy is such a charmer, he apparently couldn't have found a more tactful way of telling her she was scandalously dress and he wanted a dress code in effect or something. He just had to humiliate and slut shame her in front of her friend and manager. I'm fucking in love!



So the next time they meet is because Hudson wants a meeting with Alayna and she thinks is some business crap but when they start talking Hudson feeds her this drivel about his mother being concern he is going to end up alone because he only loves his money and he is marry to his job and shit. His mother wants to inflict him on some poor innocent girl that he grew up with and while nobody control him the girl they want him to marry will get cut off from her family and have no money so could Alayna please, please play act his girlfriend, and fuck him on the side because this is erotica so there must be sex, he will pay her for the playacting gig but the fucking must be free.


He is sort of like the devil as he propositions Alayna with this really outrageous arrangement so he can wiggle out of this engagement because his parents have never purchase a proper calendar and are still stuck in 1850 and thinking themselves hot shit.I know, Hudson ought to grow some balls and tell his mother he is a big boy and she can't continue to manipulate or control his life.


So Alayna says she will think about it but everything is precipitated because her older brother is a bitch and cut her off financially and she can't yet afford to pay for her apartment in NYC so she call up Satan... I mean, Hudson and agrees to his proposition so he will pay off her student loans and shit. She goes up to his office and they hammer out the pretend girlfriend act but they don't have sex just yet we have to wait until the next day.


Here is when a better picture of just how crazy Alayna is start to form because she runs to this addiction support group the next day that she used to go to and we find out that she gets obsessive about guys to the point of stalking, she says how she imagines things and thinks them real and gets really clingy. Get this, it got so bad that with the last guy she obsess over she stalked him and freak him out so much that he put a restraining order on her. Because of this she excuses Satan... erm, Hudson having gathered her financial information and know all about her.


Okay, so they have sex and afterwards Alayna has a meltdown and goes off the deep end. She tells Hudson just how crazy she is and he tells her that he knew and not to worry because he bury all that shit so deep not even the stink will ever get detected. He goes on to totally contradict himself and says that her "freaking" out has no bearing on their "relationship".


Wait, what?


This is where everyone says one thing does another and the characters have the consistency ice cream melting on the pavement on a hot summer day. Alayna freaks out a ton and Hudson says shit that is not consistent with his character at all. It grated on me so I gave up.