Divergent (Divergent Series #1)

Divergent - Veronica Roth I love this book, Tris is one cold, motherfucking bitch. They are no rainbows or butterflies in this one folks. This book is raw, this book is violent and the characters go to war and they take no prisoners. Tris is as badass as they come, she reckless and dangerous and if you give her one inch she will fuck you over so hard and so fast you won't even see it coming. You gotta love her for that. At first she appears like a repress, small little girl but as the book progresses you meet the real Tris and she is one mean, evil punching machine. Gotta love her boyfriend too, Four is no way ever threatened by Tris's strength instead he finds it attractive. And he is one mean operative, if Tris is cold, hardass, motherfucker Four is right up there competing for first place. And did I mention that he is the sweetest man when he needs to be, that he never bullies our heroine or harasses her and saves her only when she truly needs it because most of the time Tris is saving her own ass.Love this book, love Four, love Tris. I want moaaar.