Wither (Chemical Garden)

Wither (Chemical Garden) - Lauren DeStefano What to say about this book?I really liked it, the cover is so lovely, even prettier in person and the characters where really well fleshed out. I found myself tearing up every now and then as dramatic events unfolded. Rhine is a good narrator, the story is paced in such a way that is hard to put down. This book is not an action adventure one by any means but everything that happens to Rhine and her fellow sister wives keeps you reading wanting to know how everything will end. I loved Rhine, Jenna and Cecily so much, the friendship between the three of them was so easy and nice to read. It was hard to hate on Linden but his ignorance and naivety truly hurt many people. He is as much a prisoner and his three wives are of his father but still in many ways he is also their jailer. Gabriel and Rhine's relationship is a slow development which suits this book just fine, they have precious little time together but each interaction counts towards fleshing out a believable connection.I will definitely be picking up Fever, the sequel.