I just read because of Simon and Meg

Murder of Crows  - Anne Bishop

I liked it a lot more than the first one, I guess I was ready for all the non action and was expecting to read little inconsequential snippets about Meg's life and all the moments she had with Simon. Their relationship is oddly touching and I was against it in the first book. I am under no illusions however, this series pacing is slow, the action is non-existent and the only draw for me now is the sweet, sometimes comedic moments between the main romantic couple, Meg and Simon.

The lovely ending scene with the two of them eating spaghetti together and washing the dishes was so cute, I swear its one of the most romantic scenes I've read. There tons of cute moments and I was re-assured that their relationship would progress slowly enough to satisfy me in my misgivings that Simon wasn't being sensitive to Meg's past abuse. There was this very good scene where Simon is explained that Meg is confused and scared because of issues and helps him get a sensitivity chip. I liked him a ton more at the end of the book.