A not so beautiful mess...

The Beautiful Ashes - Jeaniene Frost

This book was a mess but at least it provide me with something else to think about besides life at the moment.


Unfortunately, this book reads like the first draft of what could be a good series. Frost went a little overboard with the religious overtones and it didn't seamlessly blended into the story very well. All the characters where sad caricatures and I do admit to having skimmed more than once around useless dialogue.


The chemistry between the main romantic couple was forced instead of natural and I ended up hating on Adrian and his little boy ways. He sends Ivy all kinds of mixed messages and I can't forgive him for having chocked her to get her powers to react no matter how much Ivy reasoned her way out of her anger.


Most of the time the plot runs around like a chicken with its head cut off much like its supposedly smart and brave heroine who is really just a dumb girl. I was annoyed at how with no training whatsoever she was able to fight off demons and how loopholes just appeared for her to succeed. That does not make for a very good story because it reads like the author wants the character to win no matter what impossible odds are presented.


Overall, I was expecting more and didn't get it but at least it served me as a distraction.