It broke alright and now I dunno how its going to get fix

Magic Breaks - Ilona Andrews

While the Kate Daniels series is one of my favourite series and I have become a die hard fan of Ilona and Gordon and their awesome writing this book was just... not up to snuff.


It is heartbreaking to write this because I went into this book as blind as I could, I had expectations but I tried to tamp them down and read this book without even making updates on my reading progress so as to not spoil myself and be influence.



***spoilers abound after this***


My gripes with the story:


-Jennifer being the council mole was unexpected because her insanity just had no rhythm or reason to it.


-I was left upset that Hugh did not die a painful death, he was the one character that deserved to die.


-We were never explain what powers Curran gained from sleeping with Kate.


-Julie, who had been part of a vision Kate had in book 6 was absent and I thought maybe the vision was foreshadowing for this book.


-There was a lot of 'telling' and not enough 'showing' and this is really not the case with the Kate Daniels series.


-I didn't care one iota for Ghastek's sad life story, he could have died and I wouldn't have even blink in sympathy.


-Kate chasing her tail trying to fix the train wreck Hugh sprung into action and then being imprisoned actually read kind of boring and pointless to the grand scheme of things.


-Kate and Dolittle talking about her character was overkill, we already know who Kate is we don't need a rehash.


I felt like Ilona and Gordon backpedaled from some key plot points that needed to be resolved in this instalment in order to have something to write for the rest of the books.

THAT deeply annoys me.


Things I was expecting and actually got to read:


-Roland was exactly as I thought he would be, of course I feel like Ilona and Gordon build him up WAY too much and would have like him to read a bit more human but I was expecting him to be this larger than life character so it worked for me.


-Kate and Curran left the pack.




Yes, I was expecting that, I read the writing in the wall in book 5, Curran's trust in the pack was broken beyond repair in book 4 when they attack Kate and tried to remove her from his sickbed. This was the ultimate betrayal for Curran who had fought and bled for the pack for so many years.


He was expecting people to respect Kate as his mate and treat with deference even if he wasn't around but he realized that would not happen, Kate faced death from the very institution that he thought would protect her.


So yes, I was expecting him to leave the pack without much pain because Kate comes first no matter what for Curran.


-Kate and Curran are still my faves no matter what and I felt the love between them and I liked it even when it got cheesy.


Well, hell!


I didn't get very much with this book, did I?


No, I didn't get what I wanted and the story I did get was rather choppy left out a lot. I hope I get those last bits in the last three books because at this point I am stuck with this series and must see it to its end no matter what that may be.

Long story short, the book fail to deliver a satisfying conclusion for the Roland Arc of the story.