A shocker!

After the Night - Linda Howard

I really enjoyed this book.

I know shocker! I thought I would hate it, I really did but it was good.


I am so happy that I actually like it I feel like this merits a celebration. Howard did some good writing in this one and I really like Faith, she was a strong woman with vulnerabilities that made her sweet and approachable. Gray started out as this rich entitled asshole but I understood his anger when things went wrong, I doubt I would have reacted any better in this situation he was placed in. 

His sister, Monica, however has no excuse, she is one of the most self centred characters I have read in a long, long time. Everything was about her and what she was feelings, I was kind of upset that at the end she was going to marry the town's sherrifs. She was going to make that poor man miserable.

I kind of had to forgive a the book a few things and I blame it all for having been written in mid nineties. Faith has this little brother whom she cares for and he has exceptionalities and he is often referred to as "retarded" and I was really offended when I read it. I wish Howard had left it out instead of introducing something so delicate as an exceptional kid and then killed him in the storyline. 


I was also kind of creep out when Grayson confesses to Faith in bed that he wanted her when she was fourteen. Yes, you read that right, they where having sex and Faith confessed to having been infatuated with him as a child and he confesses that he found her attractive when she was fourteen. It was a creeptastic moment for sure and even if Gray never touched her or made any advances on Faith when she was a young girl it made me uncomfortable.

I decided to forgive the book this things based on the time it had been written. I would like to think that the author honestly didn't know any better when she wrote it like that but the rest of the book was fine. I even found the sex scene well written, the ending was a bit cheesy but that was fine too.