I want to punch everyone

Unveiled - Courtney Milan

I get really tire of writing 1 star reviews, there is only so many ways one can say "This book sucked donkey balls!" but I don't like to not write down my feelings on why I disliked a book or else I would forget about it.

Ash is an asshole of the first order, the moment he sees Margaret he wants her and constantly harasses her and tries to seduce her all the while saying how he would never take advantage of her. I don't understand the reasoning in this logic, she is his servant, she is a woman in Victorian England where even the wisp of rumours could ruin a girl and here he is trying to seduce her in to bed? 

How is that not taking advantage of her?


Ash also goes on and on about forging ones own future and shit but it feels like a huge fabricated lie design to get the heroine to "give it up" without her feeling fear of getting pregnant or used by a man in a much higher position than her. Also, his stupidity of forging ones own future is all fine and great when he is afforded the privileged of having a penis but for Margaret, who is a woman, she has very little agency and ways to forge her own future in a strictly patriarchal society. 

I DNFed at around 45% because I couldn't stand Ash's advances that where clearly refuted by Margaret. His persistence was unnerving and it enrage me at how little respect he had for Margaret saying no. I am very, very sensitive to consent issues and this book was full of harassment to my eyes.