I'm a masochist

Obsessed (The Obsessed Series) - Deborah Bladon

This book is a mess, the heroine is a spineless twat, her best friend is a horribly petty person who screws with her nasty fiancé for years and male love interest is a stalker.

Ivy is this perfect, special Mary Sue and all men want her. Her ex is this nasty asshole, who has cheated on her with multiple women including her idiot best friend. Every single male character in this book is a creeper and everyone finds her hot. Her best friend Liz is a two face bitch that has slept with her boyfriend, Mark, for years and when everything is exposed she attacks Ivy and draws blood.

This book is infuriating in its stupidity, pettiness and juvenile writing. Everyone is also terribly inappropriate, her female boss takes Ivy for drinks, gets drunk and starts asking Ivy questions about her sex life with her ex. A secretary she has never met before tells Ivy her husband bought one of her jewellery creations and every time they have sex she puts it on. What the fuck? Strangers don't tell each other this type of things. 

I should also mention that the main romantic relationship is beyond dumb and Jax sounds obsessed with Ivy. He collects her jewellery line, asked her intensely intimate questions about her person life and it is implied that he has kept tabs on her and her life. That is just not hot, okay, that is sick and stalker like.