I almost gave a fuck... but nope [DNF at 75%]

Saving Grace - Julie Garwood

This is just about the most boring book I have read in a while, it gave me almost no feelings. Everything was so bland and vanilla.


The heroine was this perfect angel, so caring and giving and she fixes every problem and is the best wife ever and she is so humble and.... I wanted to kill her just so she could stop being perfect.


The male love interest is just.... there, you know to also be a perfect loving husband who suddenly loves his wife despite the fact that there marriage was arranged and they only knew each other for like a day and half before the ceremony. 


The entire plot of the book all kind of perfect romance with no bumps and that is just too unbelievable to enjoy or get excited about. Reading about the perfect life is not fun, its better when the protagonist have to overcome obstacle and some sort of adventure... or something for fucks sake, anything other than traipsing through the Scottish country side or brushing ones perfect, heavy hair free of tangles and then being too tire to braided. I shit you not this happens in the book.


Her scalp ached from the weight of the heavy mass, and by the time she was finished, she was too tired to braid it.


She is like this delicate glass ornament and she starts fainting all over the place once pregnant and the hero forbids her form going up and down the stairs.


What if she faints and breaks her neck or bruises her sorry, useless ass?


The horror!


Anyways, I gave no fucks for this book.