Days of Our Lives in Space

Fortune's Pawn - Rachel Bach

I really liked how this book started out but at around something like 40% it turned into "Days of our Lives in Space with Body Armor" and that just doesn't fly with me. There where good action scenes but the book ultimately failed to deliver on the plot and it just focused on the romance which to be honest I wasn't very hot about. 

I never truly go around to really liking Deviana, she started out kind of smart but really just an adrenaline junkie and then she devolved into a love sick girl who did stupid things. This girl really pushed the enveloped to the point where I really started to question whether she was truly a seasoned merc like she boasted she was or just a pretender. 

I like Rupert okay but I couldn't fully fall in love with him and his squishy unicorn ways, I have come to the realization that I really, really like my alpha males and squishy males like Rupert just don't turn my oven on. I was also kind of pissed at the juvenile way their budding relationship was interrupted because it felt too much like a Day of Our Lives episode. By the way the whole plot thing with "plasmex" which is basically another name for the Force (as in Star Wars) and the "phantoms" beings jumping around everywhere was kind of cliché, I expected a bit more.

I'll probably want to pick up other books by this author but as it stands I don't feel like continuing with this series.