Captivating and unique!

The Jade Temptress - Jeannie Lin

At first I wasn't sure about this book but as I read on I became enthralled. Wu Kaifeng and Lady Mingyu are so oo much more interesting than Yue-Ying and Bai Huang. I was captured by the prose and the ability the authoress has for transporting me into a different cultural setting in an effortless way. It helps that author intimately knows what she is talking about and I just enjoyed every moment of the book. It never lost its shine like the first one and I truly felt for the main couple. Lin has really improve in her writing and her pacing has improve greatly.

Kaifeng and Mingyu relationship was this effortless flow of events that felt organic and never forced in any way. At first I was leery of ever feeling their love and connection but Lin proved me wrong. I felt their love, I felt the imposibility of their relationship and the despair at circumstances that set them apart. I was also incredibly happy that Mingyu was able to escape her infuriating suitor, Magistrate Li, on her own, it was an empowering moment to see her escape her fate. I want to read more books by her.