A great read

Lady Sophia's Lover - Lisa Kleypas

Everything is so cliché and kind of silly but Kleypas writes with such finesse that she makes it awesome.

Sophia is this orphaned spinster whose brother, after a long life of crime, was sentenced to prison by Ross Cannon and because of the condition in said prison he died, not really but it doesn't matter much. She hates Cannon and in order to get revenge she gets a job working for him as his assistant in order to "ruin" him with good food and possible sex. Of course, soon Sophia finds it impossible to resist him, he is just so manly and tall and handsome. Ross also finds her incredibly attractive and just wants to pounce on her and sate his dark desire on her sexy body.



Its all kind of silly but the romance and subsequent affair are really enticing. The book isn't high on plot but it is high on great romance, hot sex and good food. I thoroughly enjoyed myself while reading and finish with a big happy smile.