An enjoyable read, pity about the ending...

The Leopard Prince (Princes Trilogy, #2) - Elizabeth Hoyt

This book lost half a star because the ridiculous ending but overall it was very good. The entire premise can be very cliché and the plot with the dead sheep can be silly but I enjoyed Georgina and Harry's interaction and relationship development. 

They had a very tender romance and while Georgina went a little crazy on me at the end and though it would be a great idea to marry some other guy I liked her for most of the book. There was also very tender, very hot sex. I really liked how Georgina, who is an insanely rich spinster, had the guts to decide for herself the man she wanted to take to bed, it was empowering to see her make her choice.

I also really liked Harry because, while he is quite obviously in a disadvantage with Georgina, he never gets emasculated. He is a really strong male love interest and at no point did he ever become Georgina's lapdog.