Wicked Intentions - Elizabeth Hoyt


The dark, demon induced sex just happened and it was so vanilla, so disappointing. Where is the whipping? Where is the spanking? Where is the blood? 

I was promised kinky sex and instead got vanilla drizzled. The hell!



What is up with all this men being convinced into giving away an expensive cargo in exchange for sex? Don't they get it easier from hundreds of others? Besides where is the satisfaction in making everyone believe he slept with a lowly sailors wife? It would have made an impact if she was from the aristocracy.



If Temperance's demons and proclavities are giving men blowjobs I am going to be severely disappointed here.



Temperance is horrible at naming the children at the orphanage. All the girls name start with Mary and all the boys are Joseph something. 

This should be classified as some form of cruel and unusual punishment.



his male odor all combined to arouse her old demons.

That "odor" part makes me think he smell like human refuse. 

Not sexy. 

Not sexy at all.