Fun, inventive and smart!

Steelheart - Brandon Sanderson

This book was fun, like loads of fun. I'm so glad that I bought it and read it because its been a long time since a book has entertain me at quite this level.

It's very difficult for a book with a male protagonist to really get me hook because I quickly grow bore of the standard male hero. Plus, I always preferred women to take the lead and break the status quo. However, I am happy to say that this book managed to wow me and get me hooked on a YA series. 

I also really liked how the women where portrayed in this book and found myself really liking Megan. David is also a delightfully refreshing and fun character to read about. I was quite impress to see that he is an actual smart protagonist unlike in other YA series where characters don't seem to think at all. 

The prose was pitch perfect, the pacing amazing and the plot is new and inventive. I am really looking forward to its sequel.