Locked and Loaded  - Nenia Campbell

Can't say that I like Michael more after this book, I can see why Cristina is in love with him. They have a sick attachment to each other because of everything they have gone through together. I don't know if they will ever have a healthy relationship, Michael is so very damage and at times I felt that Cristina was out of her element with him.

Regarding plot, I think a tighter pace would have made this book better, as it is the book as a whole never quite manage to take off. Also, I may be the only one but I kind of got excited thinking that Michael would die at the end. He is unhealthy for Cristina but at the same time necessary because they are both in this mess and Cristina needs an attack dog.

I don't know where book four can go after this because plot wise it can flatline. My wish for the next book is a tighter plot, a Cristina with a stronger backbone and maybe Michael's death. 

I know, that last bit was sort of horrible.