Abandoned this trash!

Off the Record  - K.A. Linde

This book is sooooo boring and female lead is soooo dumb. Like this girl doesn't even get it when men are approaching her sexually and she is very passive about everything and always waits for the men to take control of the situation. She is so... so dying swan. 

I also found Brady's age to be a bit of a problem, if he wants to run for the House of Representatives wouldn't it be good for him to be older and with more experience? I think him being 35 would have been a much better age. He also reads like an entitled, rich little boy in a suit and that is off putting. 

I want to read about men, you know, grown men who know what they want, where they are going and give it to you straight. All this playing around of hiding Liz like his dirty little secret is what makes everything just sound unsavoury. 

They are both single people why can't they date? 

All the secrecy just reads force to me and like it was added there just to add drama. 


I was hoping I would be picking up a serious book, with a serious plot about two adults having an adult relationship. Instead I picked up a book about two teens.

Also, BTW, some parts of the book read eerily similar to Fifty Shades of Grey.