I DNF this faster than the speed of light

Games of Command - Linnea Sinclair

The execution of this book is horrible, the pacing even worse and what could have possibly being an interesting concept gets bury under a confusing world building and convoluted plot. The blurb makes you think that the story will only center around Sass and Kel-Patten, the Tin Soldier, but we hardly get much on them and the book dilute itself on a third rate plot that is crowded with secondary characters that distract the reader from the main couple. 

This book never manages to take off, Kel-Patten feelings for Sass are worried and agonized over so much that it becomes annoying. I never managed to like any of the characters, Sass is annoying as well as the rogue captain Serfino, Eden, Sass doctor friend is so bland she makes plain quinoa exciting. The all powerful, broken english speaking, furzels that are actually cats with telepathic abilities and fight off energy vamps.



I know, it reads ridiculous too,

Maybe I was expecting too much out of this book. Regardless, the truth is that I paid $10 dollars for it and I can't say they where well spent dollars.