Girls, DON'T try to fix men!

Dream Lake (Friday Harbor Novels) - Lisa Kleypas

Trying to fix a man is a pointless and sometimes incredibly dangerous exercise. It can consume a woman and you start thinking "If only I love him more" and "if only I am nicer and cook him what he likes" and "with time he will heal" and you give up yourself and your personal happiness for them until there is nothing left to give. 

Alex is a broken man who drinks like a sponge and hates on women. He is possibly a woman beater because once inebriated there is no telling how that hate for women will manifest. Zoe is a sweet young girl who thinks that with enough love and gourmet cooking he will be fixed right up. 

This is a toxic and dangerous thought. Girls everywhere, unless the man you are with WANTS to change and leave the bottle for HIMSELF you are going to waste your time trying to fix him. Also, one should never try to get together with a man who hates women because you might just end up as the focus of all his frustration.

Also, the supernatural element in this book, the ghost, is completely unnecessary and doesn't work with the story at all.