A review solely on my experience

Magic Strikes  - Renée Raudman, Ilona Andrews

***This is just a review solely on my experience with the audiobook as I love and highly recommend the book. The book itself is actually 5 stars worthy.*****


While I love the book, the audiobook was sometimes uncomfortable to listen to, because at times the narrator would give robotic sounding voices to some characters.


Dali got this robotic voice, Curran sounded like a chain smoker and Hugh sounded a bit... stupid? XDD Sometimes inflection would be use to voice whispers and questions would become statements. I was also laughing and giggling during the almost sex scene between Kate and Curran.


Many times I found the narration lacking for this book and it was only my love of the story that kept me going and only because I knew exactly what would happen. If I had been a new reader and have listen to this book... well, I would have dropped it.


Of course, it would be unfair to discount subsequent audio versions of the Kate Daniels series base solely on this book and that is because most of the time narrators get better. As it is, I think I will personally declined to listen to audiobooks in the future, the narrator can be quite off putting sometimes.