Trying hard to be a victim

Queen of Camelot - Nancy McKenzie

This book made me angry, from Guinevere, who plays victim to everyone and is all the time trying to avoid being label a slut, to her cousin Elaine who hates on her because Guinevere is prettier than her.


When it comes to Arthur I can't remember much of his character but Lancelot was Guinevere's dog and Elaine's bitch as she makes him marry her by getting pregnant through some magical wine.


It is kind of soap opera style and Guinevere tries with all her might to be a good angel but all the time it read to me like she wanted to play victim. Even at the very end when Arthur died and she is given the choice of being with Lancelot she doesn't because she doesn't want to betray the memory of Arthur. I have no idea how that shite work out in her head but it did.


This book suffers greatly from Guinevere having a "Madonna complex" and of course Elaine is the "evil temptress" forever jealous of her far more beautiful and virtuous cousin.