A nice palate cleanser

Firelight  - Kristen Callihan

The beginning was great but the rest of the book never got quite "there" when it came to execution. I also must shamefully admit to losing interest the moment I realized that this series would have different characters in every book. I had craved a long running series with Archer and Miranda.

I had some issues with the prose and felt that at times it was too purple. There was also obvious lack of research into Victorian England society, speech and etiquette. It wouldn't bother a person who knows nothing of the moors of that time but it bother me because I am anal about this little details. 

This book was just okay, the reason for the 3 stars is mainly because the main couple have a completely consensual relationship, free of any abuse and bullying. I also connected with Archer's feelings of loneliness and his rejection of his body and face problem. I like men in mask, more of them should be written into fiction.