Rape, chauvinism, "white saviour" prophecy... Basically just crap

The Golden Dynasty - Kristen Ashley

0 stars for this crap.

I have decided to abandoned this book. 

The more time I spent reading it the more it feels like my brain will explode out of the sheer chauvinism and racism this book exudes.

The writing in this book is ATROCIOUS. There is no saving it, you have fragmented sentences, long, like LOOOONNNNGGG sentences that are convoluted and make up a whole paragraph. The heroine is an idiot, the male love interest is a savage rapist and it is all romanticise to the highest order.

Not to mention that this books whole premised is that the heroine is kidnapped and transported to some magical land. She is paraded half naked in front of warrior men long with other women and then set loose like an animal to be hunted and raped by the most savage warrior. 

Narinda carried on. “They will hunt us and they will claim us.” Her fingers gripped my forearm and she pressed closer. “They will claim us like any husband claims his wife on their wedding night.” 
Oh shit. Oh God. Oh shit. OhGodohshitohGod. 
She kept at it. “They will bring us back to the village, naked and claimed.” OhshitohGodohshit. 
“And then the wedding rite will be held before the Dax.”

Doesn't that just sound like HIIIIIGGGHHH romance to you? 

Doesn't it scream a love story for the ages? 

The kind you tell little kids at their bedtime to terrified them into going to sleep?


Because this is exactly what this book is about.

Wait, but it gets better.

“Do not fight the claiming. Don’t. It is their tradition. They don’t see anything wrong with it and look at the Korwahk women. Circe, look at them. They can’t wait.” 
I looked at the Korwahk women. It was true. It was insane, but it was true. They obviously couldn’t wait. 
Then Narinda went on to advise, “Take your warrior and endure the claiming and hope, hope, my lovely, with all your heart, that you get a warrior who is soft under all that hardness.”

That's right, don't fight the rape, women want the rape and you will too.




Women being treated like worse then animals, raped over and over again and then being told that their rapist husbands are the best thing on earth.

WHAT. THE. FUCK?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How does this shit get such high ratings?

I don't know. 

But this book is not only about rape and the humiliation of women but also about savages and their "golden" white saviour.

“It is the Korwahk people’s belief that the mightiest Dax in their history will find the golden queen, a warrior bride, fair of hair, kind of heart, fierce of spirit. This story has been told for centuries, millennia… the mighty Dax and his golden Dahksahna would unite and the Golden Dynasty would begin bringing the Korwahk nation great wealth, abundant crops, fruitful women..."

So, Circe, the protagonist, was meant all her life to be taken away from her home, hunted like an animal and then rape. ALL to bring enlightenment and riches to the savages.

I don't want to live in this world anymore.


I am so done with this book,and if this is a sample of what this author writes, then I am so done with her too.