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The Golden Dynasty - Kristen Ashley


“Do not fight the claiming. Don’t. It is their tradition. They don’t see anything wrong with it and look at the Korwahk women. Circe, look at them. They can’t wait.” I looked at the Korwahk women. It was true. It was insane, but it was true. They obviously couldn’t wait.

Rape apology anyone?



They will hunt us and they will claim us.” Her fingers gripped my forearm and she pressed closer. “They will claim us like any husband claims his wife on their wedding night.”






"....Once the parade is finished, they will mount their horses while we are taken outside the Daxshee. There, we will be set free. And there, they will hunt us.”


Our heroine is the only "fair" woman amongst all the savages. So she will probably attract the attention from the big baddie to be "claimed."                                                                                                                              


Yup, this whole thing is Bridenapping. Yep, you heard right, folks.



Prose is atrocious.



The blurb on this book reads like Stockholm syndrome ahoy, so I am prepare. 

Hit me with it!