I Am Forever (What Kills Me) - Wynne Channing

This book suffered from pacing and plot issues. The beginning and middle where just so boring, the plot did not make a full appearance until the end. I actually had a hard time finishing it and it pains me.

There was tons of teenage angst, Axelia lost her spark until the end. Lucas's brother, Taren, is right, no matter how many centuries pass Lucas is still a teenager. The amount of existential angst these two generated negated their entire previously established relationship and was quite frankly unnecessary.

It is heartbreaking to say that the only reason, the only one, this book is getting 3 stars is because the ending was supreme and there where some occasional flashes of greatness in between. 

It is truly unfortunate because practically 75% of the book could have been trimmed and the ending could have been expanded to tease for the next book and established a plot for the rest of the books. I still hold out hope for the next book to have an actual plot and a tighter pace.