The Scribe: Irin Chronicles Book One - Elizabeth Hunter


She looked, more than anything, exhausted, though every now and then a child or group of children would pass and her face would light up. She liked children. So did Malachi. The thought made him smile.


The new female mystique has rear its head. It used to be the good wife that was revered now it is the good mother and the fact that all women like children and the prospective love interest finds that incredible. Also, there is tons of talk of how beautiful she is.






Repetitive wording and awkward sentences. About the only good thing this book has going for it is the setting in Istanbul. The author is doing a good job at describing the city and ambience.



Another May-December relationship in which I will forever wonder why a hundreds of years old, seemingly immortal, man could possibly be interested in such a young girl.



This initial scene is really frustrating me.