What the fuck did I just read?!

Flowers in the Attic  - V.C. Andrews

This book is about the most selfish petty people ever who torture young children emotionally and lock them up in the attic of a huge house. If you ever thought that your family was bad you might want to read this book, it might just changed your mind.

This book is also really, really rape-y and Cathy gets rape by her gross brother who then goes on a guilt trip saying how sorry he is and how he will castrate himself.

...his thoughts were more knowledgeable than mine

"The odds are all against a baby," he said fervently. "Just one time--there won't be a conception. I swear there won't be another time--no matter what! I'll castrate myself before I'll let it happen again!" Then he had pulled me tightly against him so I was crushed so hard it hurt my ribs. "Don't hate me, Cathy, please don't hate me. I didn't mean to rape you, I swear to God. There's been many a time when I've been tempted, and I was able to turn it off. I'd leave the room, go into the bathroom, or into the attic. I'd bury my nose in a book until I felt normal again."

Tight as I could, I wrapped my arms around him. "I don't hate you, Chris," I whispered, pressing my head tightly against his chest. "You didn't rape me. I could have stopped you if I'd really wanted to. All I had to do was bring my knee up hard, where you told me to. It was my fault, too." 

Oh yes, my fault too. I should have known better than to kiss Momma's handsome young husband. I shouldn't have worn skimpy little see-through garments around a brother who had all a man's strong physical needs, and a brother who was always so frustrated by everything, and every- one. I had played upon his needs, testing my femininity, having my own burning yearnings for fulfilment.

Did you read that?


Did you fucking read that?!


Now, I need brain bleach.

This whole series is fucking messed up.