Too much idiocy

Dragonfly - Julia Golding

I just couldn't continued with this book, everytime I thought of opening it up and reading it I got a headache. I made it about 30% and then all the stupidity contained within these pages just exceeded my quota for the month.


EVERYONE, absolutely everyone, is stupid in this book. From the Prince who acts like he was raised in a pigsty for all the manners he displays, to his obnoxious attitude and insults to poor Tashi not to mention his lack of responsibility. All he does is just go out riding and playing while his country is at war with a tyrant that can possibly conquer them. His father is no better with his bird brain and even more horrible manners. He just cannot conceive in his tiny little brain that if his son goes out without bodyguards he might just get kidnap. It just doesn't register that he could be breaching the protocol and morals of another country by sending out the foreign princess on her own into the forest with only his idiot son, who has no military training, to ride. 


The stupidity is just never ending in this book. It also read like the author never truly did any research into royalty and political struggles in other country but just slapped together something with a little bit of spit and the publisher thought it was brilliant and voila here it is; crappy fiction selling for real money.