It wasn't quite "there" but it has potential...

These Broken Stars - Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner

The story of my life, a book gets published and I think I will love it but try to tell myself to not get my hopes up. However, I still have high hopes that are either dashed to the ground or not met entirely. This book is the latter.



-This book has no info dumping anywhere, instead one discovers the world building as the book goes and that makes for a really good pace.


-I found the characters likable.


-The story can be creepy at times, exciting and it has the big bonus points of being a YA Sci-Fi that is in space and not set in the SF sub genre of dystopia. 


-Surprisingly good writing that can be almost lyrical at times. Funnily enough, I always complain of 1st person POV, but with this one I just went with it and hardly even noticed.


-I read a new YA book again that wasn't in a series I had already started. That has got to be some kind of witchcraft in effect right there because I had grown so very, very tired of YA that my eyes crossed at the mere mentioned of the genre.




- The pacing of the book starts out tight and by the end it grows tiring because Lilac and Tarver are just stranded. 


- Lilac can get a little annoying at times and one kind of has to have a lot of patience with her.


-The aren't any big action scenes after the ship they are on crashes so it can get a bit boring with all the walking through the wilderness.


-The mystery of why the ship, Icarus, crashed and all those whispers and beings from another dimension that non corporal. Well, it all sounds kind of awesome but in practice it makes for damn boring reading. I guess I just sort of got spoiled with all those action books and internal conflict really does make for a boring book.


-I checked the other books and they all have different characters starring in them which sucks. I wanted to see if the writers would take their plot of 'powerful beings from another dimension' and run with it. I feel like it would have made for awesome plot especially since Lilac's  [spoiler] death and rebirth[/spoiler].




This book could have being amazing if Lilac would have ended up with superpowers and fought off monsters from another dimension. Too bad that never ever happened. Still this book is a good addition to the YA genre and I hope after the success of this one more books are published where protagonist are in space. The next time however please make the characters have superpowers. Thank you.