Dragonfly - Julia Golding

Everyone is stupid in this book, no one has an ounce of common sense. The king just lets his son roam freely outside the palace gates with no guards because he cannot conceive in that tiny brain of his that people from another country might want to abduct his only heir.


I mean, it's not like his country is at war with a tyrant who might want destabilized his country by killing the crown prince and it's not like his son just up and left on his own with the princess from another country. Oh, no don't send any guard, just let them be abducted and placed in danger therefore creating a serious diplomatic crisis between nations.


What an idiot!


And his son, Prince Ramil, is an ignorant brute who treats Tashi with content, does not even bother to learn her culture just to get along and refuses to do his duty to the throne by marrying her because he wants to marry for love. This is beyond stupid because people in monarchy have always marry for political reasons and love had nothing to do with it, this was drilled into their heads from day one.


Everyone treats Tashi like dirt and the prince only starts to notice and treat her more kindly with respect he sees she has lovely blond hair. This book is about to go down on 2013 as one of the most infuriating books I have ever have the misfortune of paying to read.