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Dragonfly - Julia Golding


I like Tashi very, very much, she is a well manner girl who tries hard to do all her duties to the best of her abilities but Ramil is just one nasty spoil brat and he doesn't have one princely bone in his body. If this book doesn't turn around soon I am going to DNF and hate it like the plague for years to come.



Ramil's rant on how he wants to marry for love is beyond ridiculous. Princes and Princesses always knew that marriage was for convenience and never for love. Also, what in the hell is Ramil doing cozy at home when there is war on the borders of his country? Princes, especially those in direct line to the throne, always went to the front lines to bolster the morale of troops and prove themselves. 


This book reads like the author didn't do research into sort of monarchy or political alliances of Europe. And here I was hoping to at least mildly like this.



‘There’s no royal bloodline—just a series of nobodies dressed up in stupid costumes! Heaven’s sake, Father, they prize poetry and paper-folding over swordsmanship.



Erm... That the "hero" of the story looks down on the heroine because her bloodline is not distinguished enough does not endear him to the audience.


Ramil had found it hard not to hold his mother’s death against the little girl, her only fault being that she had been born.


Also, what the hell with that quote of him resenting his youngest sister because his mother died giving birth to her? I thought that was a trade only villains and hateful people had and not the male love interest of the story.


What was the author thinking?




Really boring beginning.