22%, 24%, 25%

Seven Years (Seven Series #1) - Dannika Dark


“I didn’t know it when we were younger, but now that you’re going through the change, it’s like turbulence on my body. It explains why you were so drawn to me, Lexi. I’m an alpha wolf, and females respond to alphas. It’s instinct. I’ve always felt protective of you and now it all makes sense. Humans are naturally attracted to female Shifters, but it’s sexual, and some are weak and unable to control those urges. Most of our women don’t date humans because they have trouble letting go and become obsessive. It’s why we’re protective of our women when it comes to humans or any other Breed."


Did every guy who assaulted her just get a free pass because she is "irresistible"? This sounds like victim blaming, like when a woman gets told that of course she got rape because of the miniskirt she was wearing.


This book is suddenly making me angry.




Let me see, my ex, whom I do not want to see, comes over to my apartment when I am sick and vulnerable, he makes advances on me, peels off his shirt  and grabs me, I object yet when someone else comes at the door and may be of assistance I just tell said person to go away and lave me with my rape-y ex?


W...WHUT? What does this girl have for brains. Not to mention that she has been assaulted like twice now and we aren't even halfway through this book. 




Maybe I’d meet the man of my dreams in a rundown parking lot by a shoe store and an overflowing dumpster.


Or maybe you will meet a serial killer stalking out girls who will give away contact information?