"Welcome to the freak show." (World After by Susan Ee, chapter 1)

World After - Susan Ee

Yes, the above is a direct quote from the book.


World After was just awesome on so many levels. It was everything I wanted and more. There was creepiness, character growth, making hard choices all a midst the backdrop of a post apocalyptic world descending into madness. I will spoil a bit so please don't click unless you have already read the book.


Ee made the decision to have Penryn and Raffe be apart for most of the book and while I wanted to see them together through everything I feel like it was the right thing to do. Their separation and subsequent reunion brought in into sharp focus how much they bonded in Angelfall. Penryn angsted about Raffe but only in short lulls where she would think a bit about him, Ee wrote it in such way where it poignant but not so much over the top where Penryn was moping and angsting in every corner for him. Raffe, who truly believes Penryn died, is mourning her but in this cold really internalized way that doesn't cripple him. I really enjoyed how Penryn would see him at times and realize little things about him that made you realized they really got to know each other really well in the short time they where together.


The plot with Penryn's sister was terrifyingly heart wrenching and so very, very dark. It was at times hard to read what happened to Paige and how helpless she was with her broken legs. Penryn went through the most heart stopping, scream inducing experiences with her sister. And, of course, Penryn's mother continues to be horrifyingly crazy and also brokenly tragic. Penryn would want so much for her mother to be okay but she also wants to desperately be away from her, she has terribly confusing feelings about both her mother and sister. There is also a feeling that Penryn will not escape with her sanity wholly intact from her ordeals.


Ee continues to nail it with this book and while I think I can see where the third one might go I still feel that the execution of it will shock me and leave me gasping. I can't wait for it.